Sales and Distribution

All of the country’s pharmacies, private hospitals, supermarkets, and other private and government institutions are included in this network, benefiting from the optimized logistics and personalized service that we offer.

Our team of Sales and Marketing Representatives is in constant contact with Doctors, Pharmacists and Healthcare Professionals, informing them of the latest developments in medical research and in cutting edge Pharmaceuticals. Thus creating an immediate supply and demand dynamic that is rewarding both them and our principals.

Geographical Reach

We are the top ranking among Philippines’s healthcare product distributors with the resources necessary to maintain a network that reaches every corner of the nation. With this we are able to provide excellent, timely distribution to anywhere in the country..

Supply chain

Imports & Clearing

To gain general success in clearing our shipments within three business days, we’ve combined our decades of industry experience with a number of efficient initiatives. We implement finely tuned operations with continuous follow up on pre-shipment Documentation, Procedures and have adopted proactive measures to fast track the clearing of goods.

Storage and Warehousing

To keep our distribution services timely and effective, our warehouse has been strategically located close to both the sea and air ports. Additionally, it features storage rooms fully equipped with cold storage and other condition controls for the purposes of product safety and regulatory compliance. The warehouse team is professionally trained and experienced in following all storage and handling protocols, preserving the quality of our products and shipments.


We never fall short of full compliance with the Regulatory rules and guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration, Philippines.To protect the health of the Nation and the businesses of our principals, we employ an expert regulatory team to oversee all FDA product Registrations in a strictly ethical manner. Their work hastens the process of Registrations, Renewals, and Admittance, ensuring that new and ground-breaking healthcare products are sent swiftly and safely to those who need them most.

Thanks to their comprehensive evaluation, professionalism and speed, the SUHITAS values are reflected in carrying out their core functions.


To provide all interested principals with equal opportunities, our dedicated tender division networks across all internal and external stakeholders. This leads to indisputable ethicality and fairness in bidding for highly desirable tenders. The division is responsible for the following activities:

  • Providing all information with regard to tender invitation and necessary documentation.
  • Collection of all related tender documents.
  • Completing tender bids on behalf of principals and quoting for tenders.
  • Obtaining tender readings and the communication of results.
  • The follow-up of timely supply of goods as per the tender rules.
  • Being updated on changes and developments in tender procedure.